Ethiopia Amaro Natural, Sun-Dried Organic, Ground


Aroma: Complex florals and fruits – Dark Chocolate

Flavour: Apricot, strawberry, dark chocolate

Cupping Notes: Strawberry, fig, sweet notes, complex, nuanced florals; creamy body, excellent balance



We are hand roasters and do not use any kind of machinery. Every roast is unique. The aroma of each individual bean is unfolded in a special way using an old, traditional roasting method.

This pouch contains 250g of hand-roasted coffee.

This exceptional coffee is exported through Asnakech Thomas, one of Ethiopia’s few women miller/exporters (if not the only one). In 2005, Asnakech returned to Ethiopia and her home region of Amaro to help improve the quality of coffee and living conditions in her community.

The Amaro farm is involved in training farmers in the area to increase their yields and quality. It has also set up a women-in-coffee association—the first organization of its kind in the area. The farm has also created and sponsored the Amaro Gayo Football Team, a junior soccer football team for the youth in the area, and funds the purchase of books and laptops in neighboring schools. Realizing the gravity of climate change and its impact on the surrounding regions, the Amaro farm also took the initiative of encouraging farmers to plant more trees and is paying incentives for every tree planted.


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